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Course Management

Course Builder

Easily create interactive courses from single screen and publish it with in few clicks. It is combinations of lessons and tests activities. You can also add Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords for better SEO Results.


You may able to add lessons to courses. Add introductory video of course, upload learning material, add Audio, upload PDF etc.

Tests / Quizzes

Support for multiple types of questions and a variety of test types, define scores, get instant results. Allow multiple attempts.

Live Lesson

Create courses with live lessons for your learners via Video conference technology..

Live Lesson Slots

Allow your users to book slots for the live lessons via Video conference technology.


Create and manage bundles of the courses. Suppose you want to provide combo of particular category or subject based courses to users in discounted price.

Make Money

Paid courses

Increase revenue by selling your courses and collect payments with seamless checkout e-commerce flow.


Improve buying activity through sales, promotions etc with coupons.

Payment Requests

Allow your trainers, teachers to earn commission from the courses / bundles have sold, with admin approval or reject control.

Offline Sales

Collect offline payment via manual completion of order method. Administrator user may able to mark payment completed, student / learners may able to see the course on their dashboard.


Multiple tax can be added. It will be applied to subtotal.


Easily review sales analytics, number of courses, enrolled students and teachers and related purposes.

Multiple Currencies

Select currency and collect payments worldwide via Stripe or Paypal.

Sales Report

Where you can get total sales counting and earning for Courses and Bundles both.

Free Courses

Offer free courses to generate more leads or simply because your courses are not intend to be sold

Invoice Generator

Built-in invoice generator for user as well as admin

Sales Pages

Build dedicated landing pages or sales pages to improve conversions for your courses without any third party software dependency.

Payment Switching

Your customers can switch from credit card, local banks, PayPal for the ultimate payment flexibility.


Create and manage bundles of the courses. Suppose you want to provide combo of particular category or subject based courses to users in discounted price.


Capture online courses with simple conversion focus optimized checkout flow.

Engage Your Learners


Offer online or printable certificates on course completion and verification.

Messaging Service

Allow your trainers, teachers to communicate with learners, students.

Custom Counters

For teachers, students and courses

Enterprise Ready

Dashboard and reporting

Customizable sales, enrollment, & student reports to view & download.

Email Notifications

Customizable sales, enrollment, & student reports to view & download.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

With google, Microsoft 360, facebook and twitter

Backup and Security

Work over a secure communication channel. Enforce strong passwords. Guru LMS will cover your security requirements.

Bulk Enrollments

Add students manually to your courses, self registration directly, or bulk upload via excel.

Student Management

View student reports, add students to new courses, remove students, give quizzes multiple attends, and more

LMS Roles

Build a team on your website with LMS admin, teacher, instructor's assistants, and students


API documentation and expose Rest-API to communicate with your system or vice versa.



Use your own domain, log and color theme. Customize your communication emails.

Pages Manager

Create pages, example: Why choose us, Testimonials, FAQ etc.

Homepage builder

Create a modern public website on top of your learning portal. Dynamic Slider with component options

Custom Footer

Editable footer components

Languages & translations

Create and manage language files

Theme Color

Change theme colors from dashboard


Generate sitemap for Blog, Course and Bundle


Create and manage beautiful blog for you LMS

Site Debugger

Keep eye on your site. Check what went wrong

Get Support

Technical Support

When you need a technical support person to solve your issue, your going to love our tech team.

Live Office Hours

Get live business, marketing and technical consulting from the Guru LMS team on their weekly Office Hours

Free Training Courses

Free training courses to help you and your team to get the skills you need to build your project successfully even if you are non technical .

Detailed Documentation

Detailed instructions with screenshots and video tutorials on how to use Guru LMS platform.

Demo Course

Install a dummy course to see how Guru LMS works and replace the demo content with yours

Feature Requests

We love to hear new suggestions to improve and add new features.